Digital Cartogaphy Solution

Digital Cartography Solution

Mapping information is strategic for the deployment or management of a network. At ATDI we have accumulated a sizeable catalogue of existing worldwide cartographic data. That information is stored on ATDI's large scale servers.

The ATDI mapping department can produce or convert any type of data including digital reference mapping (maps, satellite photos, aerial images, etc.), land occupancy or Digital Elevation Models (DEM).

System integration & Management solutions

ATDI has developed complete networking, sharing and management solutions for mapping information. Large volumes of data in different coordinate reference systems need to be manipulated to process geographic information. Intranet and Internet solutions can make all these geographic data easily accessible to users in the company, performing complex calculations whenever they are necessary.

Acquiring data

ATDI's expert cartographers can help you acquire and validate raw data. Once ATDI has confirmed the quality of the data, its acquisition is swift. The aerial photos, ground control points, satellite images and maps are then processed and formatted for the customers. ATDI has developed a network of local cartographic partners, and is official dealer of the French National Geographic Institute (IGN), and of the U.K. Ordnance Survey.

In India, we can help you procure data from National Remote Sensing Centre (Hyderabad) and extract high quality clutter data from the LISS III and LISS IV Satellite datasets.

Sourcing of Existing Data

ATDI's skilled professionals have accrued extensive experience in the sourcing of existing cartographic data. Using our partnerships with industry leaders and government agencies around the world, we can identify quickly existing data sets and ensure their quality.


In addition to providing the software used to create the digital images and layers needed for radio planning, ATDI also has impressive production capabilities. Our cartographic department manages a large high resolution laboratory, with extensive production capabilities in digital stereo restitution and high resolution digitizing.


  • Sourcing

  • Data converting

  • Multispectral satellite imagery for clutter extraction (Landsat7, SPOT, etc.)

  • Stereoscopic aerial photography for clutter and building height extraction (USGS National Aerial Photography Program, Canadian National Air Photo Library, etc.)

  • Digitally scanned paper maps for clutter extraction and production of terrain models (topographic maps, etc.)


  • ICS Map Server: is a GIS management companion tool to ATDI's RF modeling software HTZ and ICS. ICS map server's development is focused on converting public or private source raster and vector based GIS information into ATDI's proprietary cartographic formats