ATDI's new RF network planning web application adds another dimension to the classic ATDI product line of desktop based software solutions


Spectrum-E© heralds the beginning of advanced radio frequency planning, spectrum management, coverage prediction generation, and interference analysis in the online environment. Featuring a robust web-based architecture, Spectrum-E© allows for extensive customization, portability, and computing power. With a web-connected device, users can access the system nearly anywhere, providing the user with the ability to conduct immediate on-site analysis with near real-time results.

This application enables customers to select from different templates specific to their technology and perform various engineering simulations including multi-station coverage analysis over 5 meter or 10 meter terrain and produce clutter and frequency nomination analysis. Each of these tasks takes less than a minute.

The web service utilises recognised propagation models and identifies potential interference issues for land mobile radio systems, television and AM/FM radio broadcasts, microwave links, and air navigation systems; it can also calculate the effects of proposed wind turbines on radio spectrum use.

It is compatible with all main web browsers – Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome – and, because all calculations are carried out over a secure link by ATDI’s servers, requires no additional client-side computer resources.


  • Land Mobile Radio
  • AM/FM and Television Broadcast
  • Microwave
  • Air Navigation Systems
  • Wind Turbines
  • HF Systems

Applications for Regulators:

  • License management, operational management
  • Calculation of fees following the technical and administrative parameters of the frequency assignments and the licenses
  • Generation of documents (report, invoices, receipts), billing, and payment follow-up
  • International notification, international coordination
  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Spectrum planning, frequency assignments
  • Zone allotments or band attributions
  • Web interface, web services, web portails
  • Management of data: antennas, equipment, site, frequency plans, allocation charts (foot notes, services...) etc

Typically Used By:

  • National Spectrum Regulators
  • Military Spectrum Regulators
  • Broadcasters
  • RF Planners
  • System Integrators

Spectrum-E© is compatible with any HTML5 compatible web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox v9+, IE v9+, Safari, Opera). Google Chrome is recommended for the best Spectrum-E© experience. Spectrum-E© is a tablet-friendly web application.