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Radio Network Planning

Spectrum Engineering and Radio Network Planning

10 kHz - 450 GHz Multitechnologies

Since 1990 (ICS Version 1), ICS Telecom is the key package in the planners' toolkit. It is capable of modelling any size of radio system from intensive local area to extensive countrywide. ICS Telecom provides benefit at all stages of network ownership and regulation bodies. It is an essential element of… Spectrum Manager's activities.

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Spectrum Management

Spectrum Regulation , Management & Monitoring

For All Services

ICS Manager is the backbone of a regulator’s spectrum management division. Its powerful data engine manages all data related to spectrum management easily and hierarchically, while continuously monitoring the coherence of the data. Its process control engine allows the implementation of automated processes.

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Comm. Electronic Warfare

Communication Electronic Warfare and Planning

10 kHz - 450 GHz Multitechnologies

HTZ Warfare features a comprehensive set of advanced radio planning and spectrum engineering capabilities that enables the design and optimization of military communication networks. Unique communication electronic warfare and tactical communications features allow accurate battlefield communications advan.

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Digital Cartography

2D and 3D Digital Cartography Processing

DTM and Clutter for Radio Planning

ICS Map Server is a comprehensive workshop for production of cartographic files from diverse sources such as satellite images, aerial photographs, paper maps etc... Suitable for all image processing work and Digital terrain Model files (DTM). It can interface with image processing tools as well as with..

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